Fannie Mae Green Rewards

How They Work

Fannie Mae Green Rewards

Fannie Mae Green Rewards is a multifamily green loan program that provides lower pricing, additional loan proceeds and a free High Performance Building Report (energy and water audit) to finance smarter, greener property improvements. Eligible improvements include new ENERGY STAR appliances, energy-efficient heating and cooling, low-flow water fixtures, LED lighting, solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) systems and more. Green Rewards is perfect for multifamily investors looking to renovate and retrofit older assets to reduce water and energy use. Green Rewards is just one of several green and healthy housing financing options offered through Fannie Mae. For more information on Fannie Mae Green Rewards here.

What Assistance Is Available for Me?

Fannie Mae Green Rewards loans offer lower interest rates, a free High Performance Building Report (energy and water audit), a technical solar assessment and up to 5% more loan proceeds than a conventional (non-green) Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DUS) loan. Find a list of Fannie Mae lenders here.

What Products Are Eligible?

Fannie Mae offers several types of green financing options. Find more information here.

Important Dates

Fannie Mae’s green financing options are on-going.